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What we specialize in

Cognitive Fitness

Cognitive fitness is an optimal performance of your brain at any age. Includes several cognitive skills such as learning and processing information, problem solving, an optimal ability to focus your attention, social interaction, control of your impulses, making good decisions and an optimal memory.  These cognitive abilities helps you do any tasks, from the simplest to the most complex ones.  As we age, we are more likely to have a decline in cognitive functions, we experience some memory loss, an impair ability to learn new information, difficulty with thinking skills, planning, organizing, difficulty to follow conversations or remember recent events. Not only cognition starts to became affected but mental and psychological heath could also be affected.  We know today that cognitive decline starts to occur 20 to 30 years earlier than symptoms occurs. Cognitive Neurofeedback, Neurofeedback and Stress Management and Health Brain Coaching are some of the solutions and we can help before severe symptoms develop. We will help you by training your brain so you can have a better memory, focus and attention and no changes in your quality of life.


Cognitive Neurofeedback has been proven to decrease ADHD symptoms. In 2012 The American Academy of Pediatrics determined Brainwave Biofeedback (Neurofeedback) Level 1 best support intervention (no medication) for Attention and Hyperactive Behavior and many studies support Neurofeedback as a non medical choice for neurological regulation.  After an assessment,  we can train you so your brain became focus attentive and calm and relax. 

Science has shown that ADHD has a slow pattern of brainwaves  producing difficulties to focus, concentrate  but at the same time with hyper arousal creating anxiety and hyperactivity. Will train you for an optimal arousal so you will be able to focus, be productive and emotionally regulated. As an ADHD coach, we will also work on all your academic and emotional challenges. 

Stress and Anxiety

It has been proven that Cognitive Neurofeedback, Neurofeedback and Mindfulness meditation reduces anxiety and brings a generalized felling of calmness. We all experience stress in different situations but chronic stress affects the body and the mind at any age and it is linked to major illnesses such us heart disease, stroke, headaches, insomnia.  We cannot change the word around us but we can change how we perceive it and react to it.  Will teach you a relaxation response and mindful meditation and how to boost your resilience to stress. Stress management is a powerful tool!  Anxiety which is a subjective psychological experience includes the feeling that something bad is about to occur. Our mood changes, we became irritable, nervous, we have difficulty sleeping, we experience fatigue, we start worrying and those feelings can take over our lives.  We will help you manage your stress and anxiety so you became calmer more relax, focus and you even will sleep better. Since your brain will be working better you will became happier, more satisfied and more successful. We will also coach you towards those areas that are impeding you to reach your full potential.  

Executive Functions

As a Play Attention provider we will teach you and train you in specific cognitive skills. Executive function is a term used to describe  a set of cognitive skills such as  planning, prioritize, organize, avoid procrastination, remain on task, self regulate, time management, control of your emotions, even make decisions. Play attention, a Nasa inspired  technology, strengthen executive functions and self regulation.  In this case, we will use an armband  and we provide you with constant feedback regarding your attentive state. There are 3 sensors that will pick up your brain activity indicative of attention. Once you are fully focus the screen character will start to move. Paying attention is the first step into the learning process. Therefore concentration and focus are crucial to learning. We specifically will train you in attention, short term memory, working memory, spatial memory, auditory processing memory, visual tracking discriminatory processing and even motor skills and hand eye coordination.